Morning Buzz 1.21.11

    Hill Harper’s dating a video chick?!
    Hill Harper has been seen around Los Angeles with video vixen Dollicia Bryan on his arm.
    Not even The Conversation author is immune to video chicks?! Rumor has it the two have been dating for about four months, since meeting on the set of his upcoming movie with Meagan Good.
    Hill has neither confirmed nor denied the gossip, but he has tweeted about eating dinner at her house.
    It’s not the kind of girl we’d have expected him to get involved with, but we’re happy for him.


    Beyoncé pairs up with Clint

    Beyoncé is teaming up with Oscar-winning actor Clint Eastwood for a remake of the 1937 classic A Star Is Born.

    Beyoncé is in great company: In past versions, the starring role was played first by Judy Garland and later Barbra Streisand.

    Warner Bros. has yet to determine who the male co-star will be, but rumor has it that Diddy, Jay-Z and Eddie Murphy are being considered for the part.

    Jeremih addresses supposed Ray J beef
    Who knew Jeremih and Ray J were scrapping? Not Jeremih.
    During a recent chat with, the "Birthday Sex" singer addressed reports that he was trying to hook up with Ray’s girl at Ray’s birthday party in Las Vegas.
    What was really going on? “He actually introduced me to her. It was a hi-bye type of thing. In and out," Jeremih clarified after explaining the he’d dropped by the party for a moment to hang out with Ray and his family. “I wanted to show him some love. We popped bottles; I got a chance to meet Brandy.”
    Sounds pretty innocent to us!
    Montana Fishburne heads to rehab
    Montana Fisburne will spend the next six months getting clean.
 reports that the porn star has decided to spend 180 days in rehab. There’s no word on what she’s being treated for, however.
    Montana claimed that she’s been tricked by prosecutors in her 2010 assault case by saying she didn’t honor a plea deal they offered.
    Montana’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, filed court papers Wednesday that blasted prosecutors. She claims that last June, lawyers agreed to let Montana off without jail time if she agreed to a 90-day stint in rehab.
    Shawn accused the prosecution of pulling the deal after Montana agreed to it and that they now want her to spend 120 days in jail.
    While Shawn is trying to get a judge to enforce the original deal, Montana decided to go into treatment.


    New ‘Charlie’s Angel’ is Black

    ABC is planning to bring back the ‘70s hit show “Charlie’s Angels,” and the new millennium version promises to offer more diversity.

    Annie Ilonzeh, 27, has reportedly been cast as the first new angel in the upcoming series, which was resurrected by Drew Barrymore, who starred in and produced the film versions.

    Annie is best known as Maya on the daytime soap “General Hospital.”

    The ‘70s TV series featured three Caucasian lead actresses. The feature films co-starred Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.


    Kidnapped woman finds her family

    Carlina White, 23, was abducted from a hospital at 9 days old, but she was reunited with her biological parents this week, thanks to her own detective work.

    According to The New York Post, Carlina began suspecting the family she lived with wasn’t her own when she was in her late teens and realized the family did not have her birth certificate.

    Carlina turned to the Internet and searched for missing children who were born the same year as she. Her photo was there, along with an artist’s composite of what she might look like now. This led to her emotional reunion with her biological parents and extended family.

    “I just always believed that she would find me. That was something that I always believed in myself,” said Joy White, the biological mother.

    Watch the ABC News report below.



    – Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott



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