Peter Thomas: ‘I got sucked into it’

    Peter Thomas has proven to be one of the more interesting male characters in the female-dominated "Real Housewives of Altanta" series. He’s a headstrong man, married to a gorgeous, equally fierce woman. That’s always sure to cause some drama.

    Since it’s their first season on the reality hit, we’re really just getting to know Peter and Cynthia Bailey. He comes across as a little domineering, sometimes selfish and not as empathetic as we’d like, but one thing’s for sure: he is who he is and that’s what you’re going to get, whether you like it or not.

    If you don’t believe me, read for yourself:

    Tracy: Do you get approached by a lot of women?
    Peter: I cannot go to Kroger anymore or Publix. I keep on getting harassed by ladies to take pictures with them ‘cause I’m their favorite. They probably tell Apollo the same thing. They probably tell Gregg the same thing. I’m just having fun with it. Someone asked me for my autograph the other day. I thought that was outrageous. I don’t mind taking a picture with you, but I ain’t signing my autograph. I’m not a celebrity. I don’t want to be that guy at all. That’s never gonna change.
    Tracy: So, how did you and Cynthia end up on the show?
    Peter: It’s called “Housewives.” I never watched the show before. The only reason she got interested is because Cynthia Bailey is a brand that’s been in the fashion industry for 25 years. This platform could definitely help her brand come to another level. I got sucked into it. I try to be as real as possible.
    Tracy: So, a lot of people are wondering what happened with the Uptown Supper Club. It seemed to cause some tension on the show.
    Peter: We don’t come across as we’re rich. We’re not rich. We’re middle class. I’m not driving expensive European vehicles. I have a business that I opened January 1 of ’08. Shortly after I opened it, the economy collapsed. It’s a Black-owned business, and who gets hit the hardest? Asking my people to come out and spend $35 a week to keep my place going was too much for them.
    Tracy: So that affected the wedding, too. Right?
    Peter: Now, we’re getting married because these people over at Bravo – we were going to get married anyway – but since they could record it for the end of time… We could go back and look at this wedding on the TV show. Financially, I wasn’t in a position to do it the way I wanted to do it.
    Tracy: Wait, so you only got married when you did ‘cause of the show?
    Peter: We were going to marry, but not at that time. We had been together for 2 1/2 years. We had been living together for 2 years.
    Tracy: How are the wedding plans going?
    Peter: I think the world already knows that we got married on July 24 of 2010. It was the most incredible wedding. I can’t wait ‘til you guys see my beautiful wife walk down the aisle. In my mind, she’s gonna come out with a white dress and veil over her head, but when Cynthia Bailey steps through that archway and I see her, the expression on my face said it all. Her wedding dress if unf*cking believable. It’s just nuts.
    Tracy: How do you feel about the attention from NeNe, who clearly has a bit of a crush on you?
    Peter: I didn’t know that NeNe had a crush on me. We never interacted on any level. I think she thinks that I’m funny. I have a big voice. NeNe has a big voice. You know how when NeNe’s in a room, you know she’s there? I’m the same way. I have the same type of personality. I think she enjoys that about me. We make each other laugh. I was kind of looking at the tape. She looks like she wants to eat me, like I’m some cooked food or something. That’s why she got upset when I had the fight on TV. That’s why she got upset. I’m usually the one to say some outrageous stuff. She really didn’t know me. She saw a different side of me and didn’t know that side.
    Tracy: So, getting to that, why were you and NeNe bumping heads?
    Peter: When I seem angry, the pressure was so crazy. They would tape for 10 hours and you only see two minutes and you see probably the worst two minutes of the 10 hours. Then, people tell her, “He’s Ike Turner; you should leave him.” I’m reading all that on the blogs. I know these people don’t know my life. I have hard skin. I’m a hustler. I’m from Flatbush. I’m from Brooklyn. I can take it. They don’t know our situation. They only know what they see.
    Tracy: What was the issue with NeNe and Cynthia talking on the phone?
    Peter: That was annoying as hell. After being with Cynthia for three years, I’ve never seen her on the phone with somebody all the time. I didn’t get that. We need to talk about what we need to do. Why you on the phone with her again? I didn’t want that situation with NeNe and Gregg to rub off on my life. That’s negative. I don’t want you lookin’ at me like I’m Gregg. I knew all of that was going on. So I really didn’t want Cynthia talking to her. I didn’t want that negativity in my life.
    Tracy: What’s been the biggest surprise with doing a reality TV show?
    Peter: A lot of men are coming up to me saying. "Oh my god, you’re Peter? I’m happy to see there’s a real Black man on TV ‘cause we don’t really see your character." None of these reality shows have a real Black men. There’s usually some buffoonery attached to it. Is there a show out there just showing a regular dude? I couldn’t think of one. It made me be a little bit more responsible. Now, I realize that these guys are looking at me to set somewhat of an example. All I can do is be me.
    Tracy: What advice would you give to others going through a rough time professionally or in their relationships?
    Peter: Don’t listen to anything that anyone say negative. Get them out of your life. Don’t let nobody squash and trample on your dreams or tell you that you can’t do something. If you believe in yourself, if you believe in God, you can accomplish anything if you keep at it. It’s difficult for me to walk from Miami to New York. It’s not impossible. If I start walking, I’m going to get there. If you want anything, just walk toward it. You will get it. That’s my greatest advice to give to anybody. Don’t give up.


    –Tracy L. Scott


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