Oprah reveals long-lost sister


    Oprah Winfrey revealed a huge family secret when she introduced her newfound baby sister.
    In the story of Oprah’s life, this has to be the ultimate plot twist. The chat host announced today that she’s got a long-lost younger sister, a Milwaukee native named Patricia.
    Patricia, who was given up for adoption in 1963, said she’d been searching for her birth mother when she discovered that Oprah was her half-sister. While Patricia found out about Oprah in 2007, Oprah said that the two weren’t reunited until last Thanksgiving.
    This came as a huge shock to Oprah, who had no idea her mother had even been carrying Patricia. After she did the math, the media maven told the audience that she was 9 years old when her mother gave her baby sister up for adoption.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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