‘Real’ DJ’s weigh-in on celeb spinners Idris Elba and Solange Knowles

    While the competition was stiff onstage at last week’s McDonald’s and Complex Media Flavor Battle DJ Finale, hosted by rapper Fabolous in New York City, S2S learned there were other competitions brewing.
    Attendees told S2S that they all really wanted to battle last year’s winner—and one of this year’s judges—DJ Spinderella.
    “I would like to battle DJ Spinderella because last year she took me out and I need my shot at redemption," said fellow judge DJ Irie. MTV personality Sway and hip-hop artist Saigon also threw their turntables in the ring against DJ Spinderella.
    Like a true lady, DJ Spinderella took it all in stride noting that she doesn’t want to battle anyone. Well, maybe with the exception of a celebrity DJ or two."

    With stars like Solange Knowles, Idris Elba and other brand names stepping behind the turntables, booking shows has become harder for veteran DJ’s like Spinderella.
    “Some will use the technology and make three or four times the amount of someone with the respect for it. That’s the problem right there, when promoters try to downplay you because you’re not this person … every DJ that brings it should be able to make what there fee is,” she said.
    For DJ Irie, there are some celebrity DJ’s who may be worth their high fees, such as Idris Elba.
    “He is someone who hits me up saying what’s going on with this and that record. He does his own work and he is passionate about it. I can support someone like that,” he said.
    When it comes to Solange Knowles, many have been on the fence as to whether she actually knows how to DJ. Sway was able to clear the air and let us know the truth.
    “I heard good things from someone who said she could blend. It was rumored she only played off her iPod, but this person told me she can spin.”
    With the debate continuing over celebrity DJ’s, perhaps next year’s event should see one of them battle it out before a crowd. Imagine Solange and Idris going up against DJ Spinderella and DJ JayCeeOh, who won this year’s competition and the $10,000 prize. Now that would be a DJ battle you definitely wouldn’t want to miss!

    Scroll down to see a couple more pics from the battle below. 






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