Gayle talks to Oprah about half-sister




    Gayle King let her BFF, Oprah, share more about her big family secret this morning.
    It seems that 45 minutes yesterday wasn’t enough for Oprah to say all she had to say about finding her long-lost half-sister Patricia. So Oprah went on "The Gayle King Show" this morning to finish talking it out.
    Oprah recalls that meeting Patricia for the first time at Thanksgiving was a bit of a "Beloved moment."
    "It was uncanny. I think that we could feel the presence of my deceased sister Pat in the room," Oprah said, explaining the Milwaukee woman bears an erie resemblance to her dead sister. "Even my mother said that, ‘I could feel Pat in this space…in the room.’ It feels like she somehow embodies the spirit of what Pat wanted to be."
    Oprah admitted that she and her boyfriend Steadman were speechless after meeting her half-sister at Thanksgiving. She revealed that she’s still figuring out how she feels about the newest person in her life. "I feel that I really do like her, and I feel that relationships are built," said the media maven.
    Gayle admitted that she had some misgivings about Oprah introducing her sister Patricia on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" yesterday. After careful consideration, though, she realized that "Oprah" would be the best, and most credible, place to reveal the big news.
    Oprah "felt strongly" about telling the story on her talk show because "I did not want this story exploited by the tabloids and have her and family hounded by the tabloids."
    It seems that Patricia wanted to keep this as discreet as possible as well. Find out how many different ways the Milwaukee woman tried to reach Oprah without going to the press when you watch the "Oprah" clip below.




    –Sonya Eskridge




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