Katherine Jackson coping with cases

    Katherine Jackson admits the she has her hands full with court cases in her son’s death and raising his kids.
    Katherine’s most famous son, Michael Jackson, passed away June 25. A year and a half later, she’s still having a hard time moving on because his accused killer, Dr. Conrad Murray, is still on trial.
    "It’s been a difficult time for me ever since my son passed," Katherine told ABC. "When I’m in that courtroom I can’t stand to look at that man [Dr. Murray]…and I go because I love my son…I just feel I have to be there. It’s the same way when they was accusing him of molesting, molestation…I was there every day."
    Dr. Conrad Murray, who is expected in court today, currently stands accused of administering a lethal amount of propofol, a powerful sedative, and other drugs.
    Since Michael’s death, Katherine has been granted custody of Michael’s children. While raising three kids would usually be difficult for an 80-year-old woman, Katherine said Michael raised good kids, which makes things a little easier.
    "Michael’s children are good children, and he raised them out of love and understanding, " Katherine said. "I don’t have a hard time with them because they know what, how their father had them raised, and they’re very respectful, and also it’s a difference today."
    And Katherine plans to let them remain children and enjoy their youth as Michael would have wanted. That means they won’t become young entertainers like their father.
    "I wouldn’t let them go into business at this early of age, like Paris wants to be an actress…and I don’t think Michael would have let her," she said. "He talked about he didn’t have a childhood, he wanted to be more…play more."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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