Marjorie Harvey suing husband’s ex-wife

    Marjorie Harvey isn’t about to let her name be dragged through the mud by her husband’s ex-wife.
    According to BV Newswire, Marjorie is launching a defamation lawsuit against Mary Shackleford, Steve Harvey’s second wife who recently went public about problems in her failed marriage to the funnyman in three YouTube videos.
    Marjorie has reportedly hired an attorney to contest Mary’s claims that Marjorie was Steve’s mistress.
    "As a wife and a mother, I cannot stand back and allow the defamation of my character or actions that will malign my family,"Marjorie said in a statement. "So, I will do what I need to do to the greatest extent of the law."
    Mary said in her videos that she found text messages and explicit e-mails that Steve and Marjorie exchanged while he was still married. And, when Mary asked for a divorce, she said Steve didn’t hesitate to move into a New York City apartment to be with Marjorie.
    Marjorie’s attorney, C. Anthony Mulgrain, called the allegations "malicious and baseless."
    He added, "The posting is nothing more than a sad attempt by Mary to make herself relevant in the eyes of the media. Now that the publicity splash is over, Mrs. Harvey looks forward to making her case in court."
    Steve’s attorney released a formal statement on the matter on Monday, but Steve had more to say about Mary’s inflammatory videos. The love guru, who just released the book Straight Talk, No Chaser, shared his frustrations on-air during his radio show.
    "The part that’s hurtful in this is my wife and children had to be [dragged] into this," Steve said on-air this morning. "If you’re going to be vindictive go ahead and aim it at me, but my son is coming in the room crying and that’s also her son, so why would you do this?"
    Don’t expect Steve and Marjorie to say too much more about this case against Mary outside of the courtroom. The couple has been advised not to speak on the matter personally so that nothing they say now can be used against them in court later.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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