Fantasia heading back to court?


    The court case surrounding Fantasia’s love life isn’t over yet as Paula Cook gears up for round two.
 reports that Paula is appealing a judge’s determination that she and ex-husband Antwaun Cook were separated when he started dating Fantasia. Essentially, the judge sided with Antwaun and Fantasia in the case, and Paula thinks the decision reflected a bias because of Fantasia’s legal counsel.
    "Judge [Paige B. McThenia] was represented by the law firm of Horack Talley in a domestic action," Paula’s lawyer stated in court filings. Specificially, the law firm represented Judge Paige in her own divorce and is now representing Fannie.
    Based on that, Paula argues that the judge should have removed herself from the Cook divorce, citing bias. Paula’s also got a problem with the fact that this knowledge was supposedly kept under wraps, which prevented her from finding out about the judge’s ability to make a fair decision–especially because Paula doesn’t know if Judge
    McThenia is still using the law firm.

    "As of the date of the filing of this motion, Judge
    McThenia has never disclosed the existence of her representation by Horack Talley," court documents state. "Judge McThenia’s failure to disclose the existence of her relationship with Horack Talley has deprived the Plaintiff of the opportunity to make a reasonable inquiry as to whether cause of her disqualification exists."
    Fantasia was dragged into the case as lawyers tried to determine whether her relationship with Antwaun, which is apparently ongoing, contributed to the breakdown of his marriage to Paula. Fannie claims Antwaun was separated when she began seeing him, but Paula argues that although the marriage was rocky, he was still living at home with her and their child.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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