The Floacist disrobes in new video

    Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart gets nearly naked in her first music video from her solo album.

    If you thought D’Angelo left little to the imagination in his music video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” wait ‘til you get an eyeful of Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart in “Let Me.”

    If it weren’t for the pasties over her boobies, the music video might require an R rating! Her male counterpart in the music video is giving it all he’s got, as well. Let’s be grateful for the banana hammock.


    “Let Me” is one of the first singles from Natalie’s first solo album, The Floacist presents: Floetic Soul. Floetry, the duo she formed with partner Marsha Ambrosius, split in 2007. Since then, both ladies have been holding their own in the music industry as solo artists.


    Natalie recently told Insight News: “With this album, I was broadening myself and also really embracing [this] challenge, so that for whatever anyone may think, when they hear this record they can see that change can be a good thing. It can be evolutionary.”


    Take a look at the “mature” music video now.






    – Tracy L. Scott




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