What if Oprah was your long-lost sister?


    What would you do if you found out that you were related to Oprah Winfrey?
    Oprah Winfrey revealed Monday that she has a long-lost half-sister, a woman named Patricia from Milwaukee. The pair finally came face-to-face on Thanksgiving, three years after Patricia learned that they shared the same mother.
    Patricia tried for years to reach Oprah, and tell her the news privately. The media maven tearfully commended her newly discovered sibling for being discreet with the family secret until Oprah was ready to go public with the news. Many in Patricia’s position would have immediatetly cashed in on the discovery.
    That lead S2S to wonder: "What would you do if you found out that you were related to Oprah Winfrey?" We posed the quesiton to our fans on Facebook, and here’s what you said.
    Cassaundra Sandi Jackson joked (we hope) that "I would put my housenote and utilities in my sisters [sic] name LOL!"  Kendra Wilson said she’d "ask [for] a job!"
    Others hypothesized that they’d be a little more cautious in their reaction to the revelation. As generous as Oprah seems, some didn’t think their lives would change all the much by being related to her, so no need for a huge fuss.
    "Pretty sure, the same thing I was doing before I found out," 
    Tanuya Baker Curry said before pointing out that Oprah’s sister is probably doing the same thing. "I don’t think much is going to change other than fact that she is going to be recognized as the sister of Oprah."

    Yumi Inokuma agreed, stating, "Nothing!!! I don’t want any more siblings!! Besides, rich people are usually suspicious about new people in their lives even if it is long lost family!!!"
    Several fans, however, walk a middle road. While they wouldn’t be blasé about the discovery, they wouldn’t look on the news as an opportunity to cash in, either. Instead, they would just want to establish a meanigful relationship with their newfound sister.
    "Thank God and spend time getting to know her," 
    Lynette Walker wrote.

    Jennifer Dixon added, "I would share with her about my upbringing! I would let her offer me any financial assistance! I would not beg because I am not greedy!"
    As always, the conversation is still wide open, so tell us what you would do (and how would you feel) if you were Patrica in the comments section below.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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