Fox rejects ‘JesusHatesObama’ ad

    Creative and crazy commercials are part of the appeal of tuning in to the Super Bowl, but Fox has rejected an ad from the site that would play during the game and depicts a bobble-head Obama falling into a fish bowl to the pleasure of a Jesus doll.

    The creators of the conservative site that sells T-shirts and other merchandise insist the commercial is a joke.

    The site’s online mission statement reads: “Do we really believe that Jesus hates Obama? Of course not. However, we do believe in freedom … as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama administration with novelty T-shirts. … Our products may be a joke, but so are the policies of this administration.”

    Ruth Levenson, the vice president for broadcast standards and practices at Fox, said the commercial was “not acceptable” to run on the network.

    What do you think? Take a look at the rejected ad below.





    -Tracy L. Scott

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