Keith David likes being a bad guy

    Keith David isn’t an evil man, but he plays one on TV and in movies…a lot.







    Keith David isn’t an evil man, but he plays one on TV and in movies…a lot.
    When you think of Keith, immediately images of him as Lester Wallace in Barbershop and John Garnett in ATL come to mind. Then there was also his turn as Dr. Facilier, the ultimate voodoo villain, in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

    Now he’s using his penchant for portraying the badass on NBC’s new superhero drama, "The Cape." He plays the series’ main villain Max Malini, the charismatic ring leader of a freakish band of bank robbers.
    According to Keith, Max is just bad news. Although, he’s a healer, he’s also into voodoo and more sinister forms of dark magic. Basically, crossing him might be the last thing you ever do.
    "There’s more to Max than meets the eye," Keith told S2S. "He can be cool and laid-back, but he can also be murderously dangerous. …That’s something you’ll find out later in the season."
    Speaking of voodoo, Keith pointed out that Max is more than just Dr. Facilier cranked down a few notches. Although both villains have similar interests, they’re two very different men. Finding the unique elements of each character is what keeps Keith from playing the re-heated version of the same guy over and over again. 
    "If I play every bad guy the same way, then I’m typecasting myself," Keith explained. "Every bad guy I play is not the same as the last bad guy."
    And if you’re worried that Keith feels stuck in the villain niche, don’t be. He’s just fine wearing the bad-man hat. "It’s a role that I enjoy playing," he readily admitted. "Somebody’s got to be the heavy, so why not me?"
    But who he is on-screen is not the same person he is at home. The actor, who might seem intimidating on first glance, thinks he’s "rather nice, as a matter of fact," and he attributes to the fact that playing villain allows him to blow off some steam.
    "It’s absolutely cathartic for me," Keith told S2S. "I don’t have to come home and beat my wife or kick the dog. I get all of that energy off at work, so I can come home and be a loving dad and a loving husband."
    Watch Keith in action in the pilot episode of "The Cape" below, and you can catch up on the rest of the series here.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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