Ex-aide calls Mary Harvey ‘erratic’


    Mary Harvey’s former assistant claims that Mary’s story isn’t as sad as she makes it seem.
    Seeing Mary blast her ex-husband, comedian Steve Harvey, online didn’t come as a shock to a woman named Jocelin, who once worked for Mary. The former aide actually described her as "erratic" during a recent interview on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show."
    "One moment she’ll be fine and the next moment she’ll go completely left on you,"Jocelin explained. During her chat, Jocelin refuted Mary’s claims that Steve took their son Wynton when they got a divorce and turned the child against her.
    In fact, Jocelin alleges that Mary sent Wynton to be with his father and didn’t give the comedian much notice about the young man’s arrival.
    "Mary was very overwhelmed and she did not want that…so she asked me to get a ticket and put [Wynton] on the plane to his father," Jocelin told Rickey. "I had to put him on the plane and not let [Steve’s] party know until 30 minutes before he landed."
    Plane tickets aren’t cheap, especially for someone like Mary, who claimed in a series of YouTube videos released last week that Steve left her broke. Jocelin also dispelled that rumor by telling Rickey that Mary had been receiving $40,000 a month from Steve over the course of their divorce proceedings.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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