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    Nicki Minaj unveiled her very own fairytale, complete with a prince, last night on MTV.
    Nicki fans have been waiting weeks for the official debut of her "Moment 4 Life" video, featuring Drake. Thursday night, she presented the six-minute clip during a special premiere event.
    No one can argue that Nicki’s career thus far has been a lot like a fairytale. She pays tribute to her own story in "Moment 4 Life," which started with a clip introducing her alter ego, Martha, as her fairy godmother. Martha’s son Roman, however, was nowhere to be found–apparently he’d been shipped off to boarding school.
    Check out Nicki’s Cinderella-inspired "Moment 4 Life" below.



    While getting cozy with Drake and walking around in some of the flyest gowns was a lot of fun for Nicki, she said her favorite part about shooting the video was acting.
    "It just gives me some sort of life when I’m able to act," the rapper told MTV. "You know just [bridging] the gap between rapping and acting. I think there’s a lot of acting in it, but I don’t think we necessarily talk about it."
    No one knows that better than her co-star Drake, who was acting well before he ever started rhyming. We’re sure he gave her a few pointers on the set, but Nicki said she was still calling the shots.
    "Drake does what I tell him to do," Nicki joked before explaining what really makes it so easy to work with her fellow Young Money rapper. "Out of everyone I’ve shot a video with, I’m the most comfortable with him. You know, I just really have a special place for him."
    She continued. "He always makes me feel like it’s okay to just chill–relax, joke. …Having Drake there made me feel like we could have shot a second day of this video and I would have been perfectly fine with that."
    It’s good that Drake’s got a special spot because it’s getting crowded in Nicki’s life with all her alter egos–and it’s only going to get more cramped.
    When asked if she’ll be adding to her pantheon of personalities any time soon, Nicki teased, "Absolutely! I have something real special in store."





    – Sonya Eskridge



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