Tyrese throws ‘Open Invitation’ online listening party

    Consider yourself an A-lister now because Tyrese is personally inviting fans to his living room to get an earful of his newly-released album Open Invitation.

    The R&B singer hosted an online listening party for his upcoming album,  whic offers new music with artists like Ludacris, T.I. and Rick Ross that are bold, fun and a mixture of fast and slow tempos that just ooze sexy.

    "Too Easy" feat. Ludacris
    Tyrese starts the album off with a different sound…autotune! But don’t worry is still the voice we’re used to over a catchy tempo. Ludacris is featured on the song, which adds to the feel of wanting get up and dance, or maybe hit the club.

    "Fireworkz" feat. T.I.
    You can hear Tyrese crooning to a woman  on another upbeat song doing bottle service in the club praising her body, and begging for more “fireworkz” –– you know the liquor bottles with the fire sparks coming out of them –– to come to his table. He sings about being willing to buy bottles all night if she keeps bringing ‘em!

    "One Night"
    Ladies, Tyrese says he won’t disappoint if you give him the chance. This track has the R&B veteran singing away, trying to persuade a woman to leave with him for the night!

    "Best of Me"
    So one woman can bring complete happiness and change a man’s life for the better? Tyrese confirms that on this song where he sings of how great it is to be with the love of his life.

    "I Miss That Girl"
    He says its for the extra, extra grown and sexy. Tyrese reminisces on the love he used to have with a girl from his past on a super sultry track.

    "Make Love"
    Doesn’t the title say it all? Remember that early 2000 sex symbol Tyrese, well he’s recreated right here on this song.

    Tyrese can’t believe his eyes when he sees this one girl. Apparently her beauty is unmatched, and he sings about witnessing his angel on earth.

    "What Took You So Long?"
    Ever felt that instant connection with someone as soon as you met them and kind of wondered, “where have you been all my life?” Tyrese captures that feeling of finally finding that long-lost special someone.

    "Nothing On You"
    Tyrese isn’t too proud to reassure his woman that she’s still the one he wants, despite all the other people out there. He takes the time out to give an ode to his lover on this one.

    "I Got A Chick"
    He knows he’s got a loyal woman by his side. In this song, Tyrese proudly boasts that “I got a chick that love me and she’ll do anything for me.”

    At least he owns up to his relationship mistakes. In this song, Tyrese is asking his girl to give him one more time before she calls it quits.

    Tyrese "Open Invitation" Online Album Listening Party from Modern Artists Creative on Vimeo.





    —Kylee Coney




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