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    Cynthia Bailey’s wedding made us wonder: Would you throw salt or rice if your friend was marrying some guy you didn’t like?
    On Sunday’s season finale of Bravo’s "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," it seemed like most of the cast had something to say about Cynthia’s 
    relationship with the groom, Peter Thomas, or the wedding ceremony itself. But, despite haters at her wedding (including her own sister), Cynthia married Peter anyway, and she did it in a stunning gown!  

    Most of the Atlanta Housewives seemed skeptical about whether the relationship would last (Kim Zolciak gives it a year), and some questioned whether the newlyweds should even jump the broom. It’s no secret that money was tight before the wedding. They were hating so much that we wondered, contractual obligations aside, why the housewives even bothered showing up.
    So we had to ask S2S fans on Facebook: Would you attend your friends wedding if you didn’t appove of the man she was marrying?
    Michelle Duvall would be quick to RSVP "No." "If i didn’t support the wedding no i wouldn’t attend the wedding no matter how close we were," she wrote.
    Shun Colvard was a little more sympathetic stating, "Of course..I would want someone to support me..everyone has to make there own mistake (if it is a mistake)."
    In fact, many of you sided with Shun, and said that you would do your best to back your BFFs decision to walk down the aisle no matter how you feel about her hubby-to-be.
    "It doesn’t matter if I support the marriage, If my friend is happy, all I can do as a true friend, is be there for them when they ask," Natashia Gaddy wrote before taking a shot at the "RHOA" cast. "My true feelings will not be aired on national television either!"
    Brenda Ford took her support a step further for her best friend’s wedding, even though she wasn’t so crazy about the groom. "My best friend married an idiot that I knew would break her heart," Brenda recalled. "I didn’t only go, but I was in the wedding. He did what I thought he’d do and I was there for her as she divorced him."
    Seemingly, Nene Leakes was the only one who followed our fans’ advice.

    Like us, many of our facebook fans were floored when it was revealed that Cynthia’s mom and sister hid Cynthia and Peter’s marriage license in an attempt to put a pause on the nuptials. The ladies eventually set things right and turned the document over to Cynthia, but our readers couldn’t believe they pulled a stunt like that to begin with.
    Traci Sims said "[Cynthia’s] mother and sister need an @ss whopping for trying to stall/cancel the wedding for not wanting to give up the marriage license. They were dead wrong for that."
    Angie Scales agreed they were wrong and "should not have tried to sabotage that girl wedding. Let her either be happy or make her own mistake to learn from."
    We’d still love to hear from you. Tell us, would you go to your friends wedding even if you didn’t like the groom? Before you answer that though, check out this behind-the-scenes look at "RHOA" reunion special!



    – Sonya Eskridge




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