Jazz sensation Eric Darius sets out on a mission

    The mission for rising jazz saxophonist and composer Eric Darius hasn’t always been clear. While he’s always been in command of his talent for merging every genre under the sun, he’s had to face heartbreak to realize his life’s purpose and channel that through his latest album, On a Mission.

    While sharing the stage with the likes of Prince and Brian McKnight and tapping Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz charts, Eric endured a tough breakup that almost derailed his dreams.

    “I was engaged to my high school sweetheart but it got to the point where I realized she wasn’t the right person for me. I’m very goal-driven; music is my priority, and we were going in two different directions. What I was trying to achieve started to suffer because of my personal problems.”

    With a newfound focus, Eric is now clear regarding his mission – one that is bigger than he and his music.

    “I’m starting my own charity foundation for those kids who can’t afford instruments. I want to take kids off the streets.”

    Now, that’s a mission we can all groove to.


    Listen to Eric’s music, and get more on him in the March 2011 issue.






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