Mary Harvey calls ordeal ‘rape’

    Scorned ex-wife Mary Harvey described her ordeal with former hubby Steve Harvey as emotional “rape.”

    On the Tom Joyner Morning Show Monday, Tom interviewed Mary in an attempt to help resolve the issues between the formerly married couple.

    Mary said she felt that it was her duty to reveal the truth about Steve.

    “I felt a huge responsibility to come forward because of the misrepresentation to women as far as the publications,” she said in reference to Steve’s two relationships advice books geared primarily to female readers.

    When Tom countered that Steve’s books were “still doing some good” and helping women in the community, Mary didn’t deny that, but she felt that it didn’t excuse what she claims he put her through.

    “I have no doubt that he is [doing some good], but from a victim’s standpoint, it’s like saying to someone who’s been raped and who has not had closure from their attackers… So to say to her, this rapist is doing some good to the community…”

    Tom interrupted: “This isn’t rape.”

    Mary said, “It’s rape to me.”

    However, Mary did not accuse Steve of ever physically assaulting her.

    She did make it clear that Steve is the only one who has involved lawyers.

    “Right now, I’m not suing Steve for anything. The lawsuits are coming from his side of it,” Mary said, denying that she has lawyers, assistants or managers.

    Mary told listeners that because of Steve’s increasing influence and standing in the community, she could no longer keep quiet about their situation.

    “This has to escalate to where it is. As disturbing as this is to our community, we have to face what’s going on in our community whether it’s comfortable or not," said Mary, who claims the anxiety of the situation has her on several medications.

    “Me being quiet. This is where it’s gotten me, Tom, a bag full of pills for my heart, for my high blood pressure. I can’t sleep at night. I wrestle in my sleep because I have the anxiety to say what I have to say,” she said.

    Mary said she is also worried about her son, Wynton, whom she’s not seen in more than six months.

    “My other concern is for my son who’s in the house and looking to his father for a role model. … So, inside the home, Wynton is learning what about women? That they’re tools to be used whenever the situation presents itself.”

    Despite all the drama, Mary said she would be more than happy to meet with Steve to settle everything behind closed doors without lawyers.

    “I want closure for the both of us,” she said.

    As for an apology, Mary said, “I think the apology should be given to the women who have been deceived into buying his books and have been deceived into seeing this person as a pillar of the community.”


    Listen to the show.



    -Tracy L. Scott


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