Morning Buzz 2.1.11

    Rihanna gets raunchy for "S&M"
    Rihanna has released a video where she’s taking on the press in a whole new way.
     "S&M," which just hit the Web, shows the singer punishing the press for all the ways they’ve invaded her privacy over the years. The singer has never really cared what people have had to say about her. That thick skin came in handy in the time since her infamous fight with Chris Brown two years ago before the Grammys.
    Look out for a cameo by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton when you check out "S&M" below.


    Guess who’s back!

    Bobby Brown has released a new single, and his fans are glad that the recent loss of his mother won’t be the end of his career.

    Bobby will be performing the his first single, “Get Out the Way,” February 9 during TV One’s “Way Black When” Black History Month programming.

    “I look forward to putting out the new CD,” Bobby said, adding, “and the performance that airs next month is to show everyone that B. Brown is back. In fact, I never left.”

    Check out the track now.


    New York gets brand new

    Chances are you’ve never seen New York of Vh1 infamy without her weave on. Her long locks – and heavy makeup – were part of her trademark look through two seasons of “Flavor of Love” and two more of “I Love New York.”

    In a video posted on YouTube, New York, also known as Tiffany Pollard, said she was excited about her new ‘do.

    “I’m doing the natural thing. I’m so excited to reveal my natural look,” she said.

    Not only has Tiffany’s hair changed, but her attire has as well. Instead of her signature skintight freakum dress that leaves little to the imagination, she’s completely covered in a black turtleneck and slacks.

    Did the hair do that?

    The photo shoot (watch below) was a promotion for a new cosmetic line backed by none other than Poprah, the outspoken contestant from “I Wanna Work For Diddy” season one.


    Kool Herc hospitalized

    Hip-hop pioneer, Kool Herc, 55, has been hospitalized and is in need of surgery, and his fans may be footing the bill.

    It’s unclear exactly what the condition is that requires the operation.

    Once news spread that Herc was hospitalized, fans sent money to a P.O. Box and a PayPal account to try to help.

    Those close to Herc, who does not have health coverage, are expecting him to make a full recovery.




    Chris Brown not attending the Grammys

    It turns out Chris Brown’s request to have his restraining order lifted had little to do with the Grammys.
    According to his members of his camp, Chris won’t be able to attend the awards show due to a scheduling conflict. So even if the judge decides to grant his request, he and Rihanna won’t have to spend the evening avoiding one another.



    – Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott



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