Deelishis talks implants and butt pads

What’s one question you’ve always wanted to ask Deelishis, but thought you’d never get the chance?
Well, Jamie Foster Brown, S2S publisher, sat down with the VH1 star to find out the truth about her a$$ … literally.
Does Deelishis get butt injections or use butt pads to accentuate her curves?
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Jamie: Now, you didn’t get no butt shots, did you?
Deelishis: Never. I think I’ve got enough junk in my trunk.
Jamie: Are those butt shots silicone or what?
Deelishis: I used to think it was shots in both cheeks. No. They say it is rows and rows of shots.
Jamie: Rows and rows of shots going across?
Deelishis: Or up and down. They have to put all these shots in there so that there’s enough to fill it. But it becomes hard. It looks nice in jeans, I guess, but you ought to be able to take your clothes off.
Jamie: Oh, when you take your clothes off you can see the lines?
Deelishis: Well, I’ve been told that the butt is really hard and it looks kind of wacky, you know, lumpy or whatever. I’m not really sure. I wouldn’t want to go through all that pain; I mean, just buy you some butt pads.
Jamie: Yes, but the guy can tell that’s a butt pad.
Deelishis: They can tell if you have a fake butt, too.

Jamie: They can?
Deelishis: Well, it won’t jiggle the same.

Jamie: I’m wondering what happens with the skin if that ever goes away.
Deelishis: You mean that they get loose skin?

Jamie: Yes, because you’ve got to keep that up.
Deelishis: Oh, but people have been hospitalized. Somebody has died over it. I don’t know. I’m not opposing it because I actually wanted breast implants.

Jamie: Do you ever wear beach bikini stuff?
Deelishis: Yes, I wear mine.

Jamie: Do you have a workout regimen?
Deelishis: At one point my body could naturally do its own thing and be really nice and curvy, but now I actually work out. I think as I’m getting older, I have to maintain it by actually working it out.



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