Tia Mowry talks pregnancy


    Tia Mowry took on a motherly glow as she debuted her baby bump and discussed baby names.
    Tia told "Access Hollywood Live" that her pregnancy started out a little rough, but she’s settled into  a decent groove with the help of some bracelets.
    "I actually feel great," Tia said. "The first trimester was insane. The nausea kind of got the best of me. I actually wear these nausea bands–they’re like these motion sickness bands that people wear on cruise ships–and they have become my best friend. They’re part of my wardrobe now."
    Tia and her hubby Cory Hardrict don’t know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, but their loved ones are pretty sure the couple should buy blue.
    "Everybody has been saying ‘Boy! Boy! Boy!’ just because of the way I’ve been carrying," Tia shared. "Nobody has said a girl, so I can’t wait to find out who’s inside."
    No matter what sex the baby is, though, Tia and Cory will break from the Mowry tradition of dubbing their baby with a T name. "We’re looking at Cs for Cory," Tia explained.
    Find out how "The Game" star broke the awesome news to her hubby when you watch the clip below.



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