Top 10 ‘RHOA’ season 3 moments

    No. 2: Kim vs. NeNe?

    It was only a matter of time before these two bumped heads again. With friends like this, who needs enemies? During an agonizing bus tour (if we’d heard "Sweetieee!" one more time…), NeNe gets fed up with Kim’s treatment of her assistant, Sweetie. So, she confronts Kim about it and the expletives begin to flow. Things sort of cool down, but rumor has it that these two hadn’t spoken for months before the reunion show was taped.

    Best Line: "NeNe can’t stand it that this is my tour. She doesn’t like anything if it’s not all about her. Clearly, she’s jealous of my success." -Kim

    Honorable Mention Moment: NeNe also got into it with Dwight this season. After rumors that NeNe’s hubby Gregg lent Dwight thousands of dollars behind NeNe’s back, she confronted her friend, and it got ugly. 


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