Top 10 ‘RHOA’ season 3 moments

    No. 9: I’m not a Dr., but I play one on TV

    Sheree Whitfiled meets a guy who claims to be a doctor, and things are going better than expected. That is, until her friends meet him and reveal that he’s been less than 100 percent honest about his profession. Sheree agrees to meet with Dr. Tiy-E to square things, but instead he goes on the defensive and signs his own walking papers.

    Best Line: "After the Spades event, I had a lot of time to kind of sit back and re-evaluate everything about Dr. Tiy-E … I mean, just Tiy-E. I’m gonna drop the doctor." -Sheree

    Honorable Mention Moment: Dr. Tiy-E decides it’s a good idea to try to force Sheree to eat food off of his fingers. The women of the world collectively gagged.


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