Top 10 ‘RHOA’ season 3 moments


    No. 7: The Friend Contract

    After an argument between NeNe Leakes and Peter Thomas, Cynthia decides to make her committment to NeNe official. She jokingly prepares a friend contract, but unfortunately, the other ladies don’t appreciate her sweet sense of humor. They’re more used to sassy, not sappy. When the girls decide to poke fun at Cynthia, however, she quickly checks them and lets them know she can pull out the claws when needed.

    Best Line: "Let’s talk about being weirded out. Ok, Kim. I’m weirded out that you think you can sing. I’m weirded out that you wear a wig, and I’m also weirded out that you had a full-on relationship with a married man." -Cynthia

    Honorable Mention Moment: While at the bachelorette party, Cynthia is overwhelmed thinking of the financial strain it’s causing. Like a good friend, NeNe is there to give her a shoulder to lean on–and to try to persuade her to leave Miami…but let’s focus on the good.



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