Top 10 ‘RHOA’ season 3 moments

    No. 3: Wedding Haterade

    Who needs rice when you can throw shade? The ladies talked much mess while Cynthia prepared to walk down the aisle. Of course, what else did you expect? The good news is that Cynthia did show up. She did get married. She does seem happy and rumor has it that she’ll be back next season.

    Look for S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown all up in and through this clip.

    Best Line: "Some people in Atlanta love to front and flex like they have money when they’re really in foreclosure and bankruptcy. So, it really doesn’t surprise me that Cynthia was able to pull off this million-dollar wedding with 50 cents." -Phaedra

    Honorable Mention Moment: Cynthia’s sister brought the drama. It was obvious that she had doubts about Cynthia’s marriage to Peter, and those doubts manifested themselves into action when she hid Cynthia’s marriage license. We’re sure we weren’t the only ones who were a little perturbed by this ill-advised display of sisterly love.

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