Halle Berry sends nasty letter



    Halle Berry has fired off a nasty message to her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, calling him a sperm donor.
    The custody battle for baby Nahla is getting uglier by the day.
    RadarOnline.com reports that Halle sent Gabriel an angry email stating that he was "only good for one thing."
    With rumors that Gabriel was verbally abusive to Halle, even hurling the ‘N’ word at her, it seems there is no love lost between those two. But, sources close to the male model don’t believe something like that would ever come out of his mouth.
    "I’ll confess that I’ve heard him call her "a fu*ck!ng b!*ch" before — when he’s been provoked, but I am talking serious provocation. And it’s very, very rare," an insider said. "But there’s no way he was ever abusive to her. It’s completely the other way around if anything!"
    Supposedly, it was not unusual for Halle to call Gabriel in a rage, and he would simply let her finish her rant. Although, the source admits he would sometimes lose his cool. And, apparently, when Halle couldn’t get a hold of him, she’d send scathing emails or leave angry voicemail messages
    “She left a crazy message on Gabe’s cell just after some pictures came out of him at a Lakers game with a girl last year," the source claims. “She is mega, mega p!*$ed in the message, calling him, and the girl, all kinds of names – it’s certainly something Halle wouldn’t want heard. Gabriel played it to me at the time, and said, ‘See what I have to deal with?!’"
    The source thinks that Gabriel should release some of these messages and put Halle’s not-so-attractive side on display, but the male model refuses to do so right now. According to the insider, Gabriel’s saving those bombshells for court, where the media won’t be allowed.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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