Michelle Williams is a cheater!

    Michelle Williams is on the business end of an affair gone horribly wrong in her upcoming play.







    Michelle Williams is on the business end of an affair gone horribly wrong in her upcoming play.
    The former Destiny’s Child member is starring in David E. Talbert’s What My Husband Doesn’t Know as Lena Summer. By all accounts Lena has the perfect life: A wealthy husband, a beautiful daughter and a home that would make the people on "Cribs" jealous.
    "Lena is an amazing woman," Michelle assessed before revealing that her character does have one weakness. "Like many others, she wants to be loved."
    Although Lena’s husband Franklin (played by Clifton Davis), can give her nearly anything she wants, the one thing he’s not giving her is his time, which is the most valuable thing anyone has. That lack of togetherness and connection leads her astray.
    "She cheats because there is obviously something missing," Michelle explains. "He has her in an amazing house; he buys her an amazing house, whatever she wants, but that husband is always gone and he forgets about her."
    Unfortunately for Franklin, Paul (played by Brian White) has plenty of time to offer Lena, and the pair carry on a fiery affair until her conscience gets the best of her. When Lena tries to break it off, things go way bad–like Fatal Attraction bad.
    "Paul’s character is like, ‘What? Naw. I want to be with you, and whatever I got to do to be with you, that’s what I’m going to do,’" Michelle explained, but she wouldn’t go into details about the extent the other man goes to. "He ends up being crazy."
    Michelle told us, though,  that you’re highly unlikely to find her in Lena’s situation because she’s not the type to cheat.
    "I can’t stand it. I think there’s gotta be 100 percent communication," Michelle told us. "You gotta be honest to the point where if you can tell me my breath stinks, you need to be able to tell me that ‘Hey, I’m not happy’ before you go out and cheat. Let’s try and fix it."
    And for those that want to avoid confrontation, sneaking around doesn’t work for the singer-actress either. To her "honesty" is always the best policy.
    "Let me know if you’re going to be out doing your thing, so I’m not sitting at home thinking everything’s great, everything’s cool," she asserted.
    Michelle said Lena’s still a good woman. Although she personally disagrees with what the character does, Michelle thinks she’d be able to get along with Lena in real life. Franklin, however? Not so much. The singer said Clifton is good at his part. She can’t stand him when he’s in character.
    "It’s to the point where you’re like, ‘You’re playing this role way too well,’" Michelle explained. "My little feelings be hurt."
    When Clifton gets to be himself, Michelle thinks he’s awesome. "Hilarious. Such a good guy. He shoots off so much knowledge and information," she said.
    With any luck, Michelle hinted that What My Husband Doesn’t Know will be optioned into a film. For now, though, you can check out the original play, which kicks off its national tour tomorrow in Spartansburg, South Carolina.
    For a full list of tour dates click here.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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