Kevin Hart talks divorce



Kevin Hart explains why he’s not sweating all the buzz surrounding his failed marriage.
The comedian hit up New York’s Power 105.1 to clear the air about an old clip of his estranged wife, Torrei Hart, cracking jokes about him.
"That’s actually from when we first split up. People don’t understand: I’ve been separated for almost a year and a half now," Kevin explained. "But when I first decided to leave, she decided to get on stage."
He understands that Torrei was only making fun of him because she was very hurt at the time. Since then, Kevin and Torrei have managed to call a truce because, realistically, it’s best for their family if the pair can get along.
"No matter what, that’s the mother of my kids, I gotta love her for that," 
Kevin said. "So regardless of what she displays, whether it’s anger or not, I’m not gonna bash the woman. I want the best for her because I gotta be in her life for the next 18 years."

Truth be told, Kevin’s actually a bit disappointed that their divorce proceedings dragged Torrei’s old routine back into the spotlight. He’s not tripping because, apparently, he’s got her back.
"She’s a different person now," Kevin said. "It was sad that they put that out there because it hurt her. Now, we cool. It’s a divorce, but it’s not an angry one."



– Sonya Eskridge




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