Dawn Richard drops mixtape

    Dawn Richard is striking out on her own and letting you into her heart with a new mixtape.
    The Dirty Money Crew singer has dropped A Prelude To #ATELLTALEHEART today for free download on her  official blog. The singer’s resonating voice takes you through a  range of feelings, and she feels it really lets listeners know who she is beyond all the lights and fashion.
    "#ATELLTALEHEART is simply a compilation of emotions and feelings that if you were to fall into my heart, this is what my heart would sound like," Dawn explained in a press release. "It’s about my journey, my pain, my redemption, but above all my strength. It’s honest yet raw."
    One of Dawn’s favorite tracks on the mixtape is "Let Love In," which begs listeners not to shut out the possibility of love because of how they’ve been hurt in the past. "Another favorite of mine is the very personal ‘These Tears’, in where I was extremely great to ‘love’ but ‘love’ was not so great to me," she added.
    Dawn expressed her sultry side in a track titled "Vibrate," which hit the Internet last week.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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