Top 5 Super Bowl XLV Ads

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    Advertisers put together an amazing roster of commercials for Super Bowl XLV, but these spots stole the show.
    It’s no secret that the commercials are the main reason many people watch the Super Bowl. The actual game is "whatever," but the ads are the draw for a lot of viewers. Afterall, months from now the game will be a distant memory for some, but most will still be talking about their favorite commercials.
    When does looking out for your man’s health become dangerous? Find out when you watch this hilarious ad for Pepsi Max below.

    Everyone underestimates the small dogs. This ad for Doritos shows that it’s never a good idea to get between a dog and its snacks.


    We’re always excited for new glimpses of Transformers 3, and this ad earned its place during the Super Bowl broadcast and made the most of its ad time.  How long until tickets for Transformers 3 go on sale?


    This super-cute spot for Volkswagen, in which a little kid dressed like Darth Vader
    (unsuccessfully) tries his very best to use the force on everything in the house, is sure to be a classic. Watch happens when his dad comes.


    Chevy had an interesting twist on a classic. Who needs Lassie when your truck will tell you when your son did something stupid?!




    – Sonya Eskridge




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    One thought on “Top 5 Super Bowl XLV Ads

    1. This commercial was highly offensive to the male victims of domestic violence who find themselves unable to find help as people think it is funny. Seventeen years ago, the Super Bowl also played another controversial commercial, based on report that never existed, yet was reported as fact by the national news, that more domestic violence against women took place on Super Bowl Night than any other night of the year. Men are the victims of domestic violence in at least 39% of the cases, yet shelters are designed to only help women. Consider the uproar this would have generated had had the gender roles been reversed.

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