Sha Hayes: Pepsi ad critics too sensitive


    When I heard that there were some people angry at the Super Bowl "Love Hurts" commercial done by Pepsi Max, I had to watch the video 10 times in order to really wrap my brain around all the controversy.

    There are people claiming the video promotes domestic violence because the woman kicks the man under the table. Then there are those who say the video perpetuates the “angry Black woman” stereotype because when a White woman smiles and waves at the Black man, the Black woman throws a can at him.

    Now, I kinda got it when people were a little taken aback when Aunt Jemima got a perm and pearls, but now I think Black people are getting too sensitive about race and satire. There were no Black faces with people shucking and jiving, nor was there anyone portraying slaves saying “yes’um, masa.”

    I think the Brinks commercial that shows a White man breaking into someone’s house is unfairly cast. You got all these brothers out here trying to be the next Denzel and you now have the White man taking the stereotypical Black-man-as-a-criminal job. This brings me to my closing point: If we become so sensitive about the images that “appear” to be racially insensitive, no Black person will work again.

    I’m more mad about the bad weave this sista is rocking than anything in the commercial. Come one. #LIGHTENUP


    Sha Hayes is a comedian and freelance writer who currently resides in New York.






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