Jennifer Williams: It’s over



    Jennifer Williams is tired of fighting with her husband and she’s getting her walking papers together.
    Jennifer told Life&Style magazine that she has turned her talk into action and that she’s getting ready to serve her estranged hubby Eric Williams with divorce papers.
    “I plan on filing for divorce in the next couple of weeks. It’s a new year and I just want to put this behind me,” Jen revealed. “He doesn’t know exactly when I’m going to do it. He’s just waiting for me to pull the trigger.”
    That’s not news to anyone who watches "Basketball Wives." Jennifer and Eric have been arguing all season and the idea of splitting assets has been discussed. While the couple was nearly always at odds on the show, it seemed that they each had made an attempt to work through the rough patch and stay together.
    Despite Eric’s philandering (and their nearly constant bickering), it seemed that neither he nor Jennifer was really ready to give up on the marriage just yet. When news broke last summer that Eric had fathered a child as a result of his cheating ways, Jen knew that it was the final straw for her.
    “I really wanted it to work and believed he would change. This whole lifestyle is dysfunctional; it’s not a typical marriage. The bad just started to outweigh the good,” Jennifer said. “I wasn’t distraught about it, but I really felt bad for the child.”
    Don’t feel bad for Jen, though, because she is looking at the road ahead. “I just want to live comfortably and move on, get it over with,” she said. “I definitely will not put up with this type of behavior ever again!”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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