Gilbert Arenas, ex in custody battle

    During halftime of the Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat game the other night, Gilbert Arenas’ ex-fiancée Laura Govan had him served with custody and child support papers. That is some gansta stuff that leads me to believe she’s hoping to be on the next season of “Basketball Wives.”

    In court papers, Laura has alleged that Gilbert left her and their three kids, along with their unborn child, penniless. Of course, Gilbert disputes that and said that she gets $20,000 a month in child support.

    Sources are saying that Gilbert left Laura because he found out she was sleeping with Shaquille O’Neal during their marriage. In other words, all the things that “Basketball Wives” star and Executive Producer, Shaunie O’Neal, claimed against her are apparently true.

    People flap their lips about a woman scorned, but a man scorned ain’t much better.

    Gilbert spoke out a radio show and slammed his ex-fiancée by saying that she is just out for more money and that sometimes it takes a while for you to realize that you picked the wrong woman. I think you would call that a body blow. OUCH!

    Gilbert may have gotten in a few punches, but if Laura — who is asking for 1.3 million in child support — succeeds in her case, it’ll be a knock out.

    However, when it comes to basketball, Gilbert is still on top. The drama hasn’t stumped his game; the Magic came back from halftime and won.



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