Janet Jackson on new love and new book

    Janet Jackson opened up about her romance, her new book and her grief over the death of big brother Michael Jackson, during an hourlong “Dateline” interview Sunday.

    Janet, who has been with Wissam al Mana, for more than a year said she is indeed happy with her new beau, and he makes every effort to ensure she stays that way.

    “He leaves no stone unturned,” she said.

    When asked about starting a family, Janet said she would like that, but shared that she has “left it in God’s hands, if it’s meant to happen.”

    The 44-year-old singer, who is back to looking trim and fit, revealed that she has just recently started to appreciate her looks, although she’s been seen as a sex symbol by many for years.

    “I felt very unattractive from head to toe. I would bang my head against the wall because I felt ugly,” said Janet, who admitted that her brothers’ childhood teasing had a negative effect on her.

    “Brothers and sisters tease each other," she said. "The ones that get it the most are the babies of the family, and I was the baby. Everything I heard, I took it in."

    In her new book, True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, Janet discusses overcoming those body image issues. It’s not an autobiography, but she uses anecdotes from her life to help readers relate and understand that they’re not alone.

    While she didn’t admit to ever having an eating disorder, she didn’t deny it either. “I’m not going to say that I don’t,” said Janet, who admitted that many methods she used to lose weight were unhealthy.

    Janet also talked about her relationship with Michael, the sibling with whom she had the strongest bond. “We had each other’s backs,” she said of the brother who gave her the pet name, "Dunk." According to Janet, it was months before she could listen to his songs, or watch videos of her brother. She revealed that she finally did so in Paris one night and was able to grieve over her loss.

    "I’m sure there’ll be more," she said in terms of her grief and dealing with Michael’s death.

    When asked if she felt Dr. Conrad Murray was responsible for her brother’s death, Janet said she did and that her family would be present during the trial, which begins this year, to make sure that justice is done.

    Watch a portion of the interview below.




    – Tracy L. Scott




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