Whoopi Goldberg blasts ‘New York Times’


    Whoopi Goldberg has a bone–or rather an Oscar–to pick with the New York Times.
    Whoopi Goldberg wants her due! In a Times article about the scarcity of Black Academy Award winners, the newspaper failed to mention "The View" host among the small group. Whoopi won Best Supporting Actress in 1991 for her role in Ghost. Her turn as Celie Johnson in The Color Purple also earned her an Oscar nod, although she didn’t win the prize.
    "I am embarassed to tell you it hurt me terribly," Whoppi said about the snub this morning on "The View." She wasn’t the only actor excluded from the tally, which the Times put at seven. Barbara Walters pointed out that there are actually 13 Black Oscar winners.
    "To have been dismissed and erased by the New York Times‘ film critics, who should know better," Whoopi said, speaking on her own behalf, "it’s hard not to take it personally."
    To the actress/chat host, who said she has starred in about 50 films, this is a gross oversight that could easily have been avoided with a little fact-checking.
    "This is sloppy journalism because this is not a hidden thing. Everybody kind of knows. People in Somalis know. People in China know," Whoopi went on.  "It was 70 years between Hatti McDaniel, the first Black woman to win, and me. Seventy!"
    Check out what else Whoopi had to say this morning when you check out the clip below.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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