Ciara wants to leave label


    Ciara insists that Jive Records didn’t fire her from the label–she wants to quit!
    Last week blogs were buzzing with the rumor that CiCi had been dumped. Yesterday, she took control of the hearsay, by releasing a statement on Facebook, breaking down the situation for her fans.
    "At this point that rumor is false," Ciara wrote. "It is true that I have asked and I pray that my label will release me."
    Simply put: She’s still on Jive, but she’s ready to make her exit.
    Ciara blames a major disconnect between herself and the label’s management for her desire to leave, citing that she didn’t get to promote Basic Instinct or Fantasy Ride her way.
    "The past two albums have been very frustrating for me. At times there were songs I chose to lead a project and I was ignored!" Ciara said. "I do understand that some labels are not financially supporting their artists and I have become one of them."
    For example, Ciara alleges that Jive wasn’t giving "Gimmie Dat" any love. The siren said she spent thousands of dollars trying to get the song to the public only to find out that the label didn’t want it played on radio. To add insult to injury, and her bottom line, Ciara claims she also spent more than $100,000 of her own money to shoot the video for "Gimmie Dat," but there was "still no label support."
    After trying to play nice with Jive for so long and finally getting pushy, she’s fed up!
    "I have so much of me as an artist I still want to give to the world and my fans," Ciara said. "A release would allow me to go be creative with people who care and understand me as an artist."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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