Steve Harvey visits ‘The View’


    Steve Harvey again refuted claims made by his ex-wife Mary Harvey during his visit to "The View."
    The comedian visited "The View" yesterday to promote Straight Talk, No Chaser for Valentine’s Day. While he was at the table with the ladies, though, they had to ask how his family is handling the fallout from a series of YouTube videos where Mary accuses Steve of cheating. The videos also included claims that Steve left her broke and homeless after he supposedly took their son away from her.
    "It’s been difficult for the family," Steve shared. "It kills me when people just go out and print stuff and they don’t do any fact-checking, and they just leave you out there like, ‘you’re a celebrity, you have no feelings.’"
    He added, "I have a family. My kids are in college, they’re on the Internet, they’ve been getting eaten up by this thing. It’s really, really horrible to hear that kind of stuff."
    Steve said that despite the drama that his family has been subjected to as a result of Mary’s very public claims, he still teaches their son to respect her. And you’re not about to hear him say anything about her, either. Instead, he said and his current wife Marjorie Harvey are taking the high road in this matter and using it as a "teaching lesson" for their kids.
    "I don’t want to sit anywhere and make disparaging remarks about my son’s mom," he asserted. "So, you know, we just let the court papers speak for themselves. It proved that I did what I was supposed to do."
    Steve really took issue with how the media jumped on the scandal, though, without really doing any fact-checking. "They was tearing me up. They was just doing what they wanted to do to me," he said. "The blurb in the paper for ‘I’m sorry’ is never that big."
    See how Steve addressed charges that he cheated on Mary with his current wife Marjorie, who was in the audience yesterday. You’ll have to skip ahead to the 30-minute mark, though. And watch what happens when he gets confused about what a "real man" is.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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