Chad Johnson denies baby rumors

    Chad Johnson is fighting rumors that he got someone other than his fianceé Evelyn Lozada pregnant.
    It sounds like things are about to get a little messy for Chad. A Philadelphia woman, calling herself Page, told local radio personality Jonesy that she’s 3 months pregnant with Chad’s baby. Keep in mind that Chad proposed to Evelyn back in October.
    Jonesy passed the story along to fellow radio personality TT Torrez yesterday, and that’s when the story really blew up on the blogosphere! In the audio clip posted below, Jonesy told TT that she got Chad on the phone stating that his whirlwind romance with Evelyn is just about money. And, supposedly, Page also spent Valentine’s Day weekend with Chad, who has been trying to get her to move in with him. 

    Just as the gossip was making its rounds on the Web, Chad hit up Twitter to deny Page’s claims by calling both Jonesy and TT "dumb." He even tweeted about spending Valentine’s Day with Evelyn and posted a pic of the "Basketball Wives" star getting ready for bed at his place.
    Aside from that, sources inside the NFL player’s camp told that Chad and Page have never even met face-to-face. They did confirm, however, that the two had tweeted each other more than a year ago.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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