Shirley Strawberry offers advice to Mary Harvey

    Steve Harvey’s radio co-host Shirley Stawberry is sticking up for the comedian and offering his ex-wife a few words of advice.
    Steve is, so far, the legal winner in his battle against ex-wife Mary Harvey. A Texas court recently granted a temporary injunction against several YouTube videos where Mary alleged that Steve left her destitute, cheated on her and denies her regular communication with their son Wynton. 
    According to Steve Harvey’s radio show co-host Shirley Strawberry, the temporary victory hasn’t changed the fact that the entire ordeal is taking an emotional toll on Steve and his family.
    “Steve is nothing if not one of the most sensitive people I’ve ever met in my life," Shirley revealed. "It drained him and the family. Some things you can’t ignore when people attack your character, and that makes me pray harder for him and his family."
    While the situation is taxing, Shirley believes that the scandal has only strengthened the bond between Steve and his current wife, Marjorie Harvey, who plans to file a lawsuit against Mary for stating that she was the mistress.
    “I would think it made them closer," Shirley reasoned, "because if there’s drama in her life, of course, he goes into protective mode and wants to protect her. Of course that draws anyone closer.”
    Shirley, who originally thought it was best that Steve not even address Mary’s claims, attests to his character, noting that she’s always witnessed him to be a respectable husband.

    “I have known Steve for quite a while, through his second wife and now third," Shirley said. "He always treated them like queens, meaning that he doesn’t miss a birthday or a holiday. I’ve seen a stand-up, giving man who cares about people. That’s the Steve Harvey I know.”
    On March 10, Mary and Steve will appear before a judge to determine if Mary is in contempt of court for violating her gag order. Whatever the outcome is, Shirley has some advice for Mary, taken straight from her new book, The Strawberry Letter.
    “I haven’t walked in her shoes, but [she should] let the past go," Shirley recommended. "Forgiveness is key, even if you think you were hurt or harmed in some way. We’ve all done things to hurt people, so forgive and move on with life."
    Only time, and court proceedings, will determine if Mary heeds these words of wisdom.



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