Aretha hopes to return in May

    Aretha Franklin is on track for her comeback in May.

    The "Respect" singer, 68, who was honored with a tribute at this year’s Grammy Awards, has been recuperating from a surgery that took place in December.
    However, she told The Associated Press that she’s hoping to be able to perform in May.
    Grammy viewers were treated to a message from Aretha, via satellite, in which she thanked the public and fellow musicians for their prayers.
    Aretha was visibly thinner in that televised footage. She said she hopes to lose a few more pounds and eventually fit into a size 16.
    "I want to not only maintain the weight I am at now, but better it, by one dress size," she told The AP.
    In addition to continuing her workout regimen, which includes walking on a track several times a week, Aretha is planning to get back in the studio and continue working on her album, Aretha: A Woman Falling Out Of Love, due out in May.
    “It’s definitely going to take the boomers back," she said, "but it’s also contemporary with respect to other writers and production."
    Aretha will likely also have a hand in the making of her biopic. She has repeatedly requested that Halle Berry take on the role portraying her. Halle, however, has not agreed to do so and is busy dealing with custody issues right now.
    Fantasia, who boycotted the Grammys because she was not included in the Aretha tribute, hasn’t mentioned whether or not she’d like the part, but Aretha may be considering her.
    "Well, maybe it could be Fantasia, it could be Jennifer [Hudson]. I don’t know, we’ll see," Aretha told CNN.



    – Tracy L. Scott




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