Fans react to Lil Kim’s ‘Black Friday’ video

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    Lil Kim has released her much-anticipated “Black Friday” video in which her nemesis Nicki Minaj is depicted copying her style.

    Posted Thursday, the video — which shows a Nicki portrayer on the Internet researching Kim and studying her music videos — already has more than 1,975 comments on YouTube.

    So far, there’s a mixed reaction from music fans, some of whom are loyal to Kim and others who love Nicki and consider her the new Queen of Hip-Hop.

    One user posted, “what was lil kim’s lastest song and [where] can you buy her album? [sic] the answer she hasn’t got a lastest song and they dont sell it in a shop this means LIL KIM YOUR OUT THE GAME B*TCH! “

    Others give Kim some credit for her lyrical flow.

    “I Forgot how good Lil Kim was she f_@k!n Sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," one fan wrote.

    Lil Kim delivers the verses in her usual steady-paced style and is sure that listeners can understand every word of her diss track.

    “This ain’t a championship fight. I been the greatest. See the fact is, what you doing, I did it. Lames trying to clone my style and run with it. That’s cool. I was the first one with it. You’s a Lil Kim wannabe; you just hate to admit it," Kim raps.

    Others worry that Kim’s video, which is nearly 7 minutes long, is violent. It does lack the bloody imagery that was present on the Black Friday album cover.

    “This [song is] filled with violence and I’ am [sic] not thrilled about it. It concerns me and even if it about making a combat to respond to Roman Revenge. The lyrics and the video itself disturbs a great deal !!! I dislike it,” reads another comment.

    The song takes aim at Nicki, Drake, Lil Wayne and Diddy, whose voice is dubbed early on in the song referring to Nicki as a “Queen in her own right.”

    Watch the video below.


    What do you think of Kim’s video? Who’s the real Queen of Hip-Hop? Leave your comments below.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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    2 thoughts on “Fans react to Lil Kim’s ‘Black Friday’ video

    1. Wow, Lil Kim does look a lot like Latoya Jackson, she really needs to sit her but down somewhere! I mean honestly she was that HOT back in the day, real slutty, but no real talent as displayed in this weak behind video….. Really grow up Lil Kim. Nicki has talent, you are pathetic!

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