Ice Cube joins ’21 Jump Street’

    Ice Cube is in talks to join the cast of a "21 Jump Street" remake for theaters.
 reports that he’ll play a police captain, a role originally played by Steven Williams in the ’80s TV series.  The rapper-turned-actor is set to star alongside Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.
    Shooting is slated to begin in April. There’s no word on the plot for the film, being released through Sony pictures, but we’ll assume it centers around undercover cops in some way. Supposedly, Cube will be providing some cooler comic relief to balance out Jonah’s cruder, slapstick style.
    Before he can make his way over to 21 Jump Street, though, Cube has to wrap production on New Year’s Eve. You know; the fim Halle Berry was supposed to star in before dropping the gig to attend to her child custody case.



    – Sonya Eskidge




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