Beyoncé almost done with new album

    An Australian singer revealed that Beyoncé has almost completed her next musical masterpiece!
    The wait is almost over! Sia told MTV Australia that Bey only has one slot left to fill on her upcoming album, and the "Sweet Dreams" singer is working on choosing the very last song. 

    Sia said she’d reached out to Beyoncé’s team and told them how much she would love to work with the pop diva. And she almost got her wish as producer Diplo invited her to fly out to New York and join his session with Bey. Unfortunately, schedule conflicts kept Sia from taking up that offer. 

    The Aussie did, however, get to pitch a few songs to the "Single Ladies" singer. When asked if any of her tracks would make it onto Bey’s album, Sia slipped, "Well, there’s only one song left for this album, so I probably won’t get on this album, but hopefully the next one." 

    You might recognize Sia from her work on Christina Aguilera’s soulful ballads "Bound to You" and "You Lost Me." Those tracks should give you an idea of what sound the singer may have had in mind for Beyoncé.



    – Sonya Eskridge 




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