Mary Harvey’s last words

    Mary Harvey has given her "final" interview about the drama with her ex-husband Steve Harvey.
    Court rulings may state that Mary was awarded three homes in her divorce, but she went on Majic 102.3 FM to explain how she wound up homeless. Mary doesn’t deny that she had possession of all three houses at one point, but she lost them all, one way or another.
    "Anything can be put into a document to say, ‘This is what she got,’" Mary said, "but did she get it?"
    According to Mary, she gave the first home to her assistant, and she sold the second home because she didn’t want to live there anymore. That still leaves her with one house, right? Not really.
    Steve claimed that he wasn’t able to pay the mortgage on the third home, a $5 million mansion, as he was ordered to do. Mary said the court made her move out of the mansion so that it could be sold in order to pay off the mortgage.
    "I didn’t get any proceeds from that house," she explained.
    Speaking of money, a court found that Steve had been paying her $40,000 a month in alimony for more than a year. However, Mary claimed the checks stopped coming in after 10 months.
    But what about that $1.5 million lump sum? Find out where that came from in the interview posted below.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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