Rihanna happy about ‘S&M’ ban


    Rihanna thinks the ban on her racy video for "S&M" has actually helped promote the single better than anything else.
    The singer said that "S&M" is probably the #1 video of her career and she only hopes she can top that success for the next one. In her eyes, banning the clip in 11 countries only served to give it a little more spotlight.
    “I think that the ban worked out because I don’t think people would have been that curious if there wasn’t some controversy involved or connected to it,” Rihanna told "Extra" over the weekend. "’S&M’ is my favorite video that I ever, ever done, and I can’t wait to keep making more incredible videos…"
    But Rihanna confessed, "’S&M’ is going to be a hard one to beat.”
    And there’s word that RiRi might have already been looking for a new rude boy before splitting up from Matt Kemp last month. 
    According to Celebuzz.com, Rihanna and Colin Farrell have been exchanging racy text messages since they crossed paths on "The Graham Norton Show" in November.
    “Colin was taken aback by some of the texts,” a source close to Colin told The Sun. “He reckons he might well be in there. They’re both single, so why not?”
    Rihanna has also been rumored to be dating Travis Barker, but neither of them have spoken up about the alleged romance yet.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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