Sha Hayes: BET Honors ’11 highlights

    Gabrielle Union hosted last night’s BET Honors and I have to take my hat off to her for doing a good job … too dang good of job to be exact! She is making it hard out here for a pimp — well a comedian, like me — mixing glam with funny. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times and I can tell she was doing her and not just following a script.  She changed 72 times and that was just her hair pieces!

    The night honored, IMAN (You know you have to type her name in all caps.) Cicely Tyson, Herbie Hancock and Jamie Foxx among others. Each honoree received a special performance.

    But when it got to Jamie Foxx, I almost stood on my couch when Guy came out to perform. I was enjoying every minute of their performance while cracking up watching Jamie’s date trying to act like she was too young to know the words to the Guy songs. She only gave up a few murmurs of the lyrics. Who are you kidding? You know you are over 30. Stop playing.

    Marsha Ambroisius did a nice rendition of “Portuguese Love” as a tribute to the late Teena Marie. I was a little disappointed they didn’t do a medley of her songs. I pray that was just a tease or a sneak peek of what will be a better show of love to her at the BET Awards.

    Keyshia Cole sang “A Better Me,” and I can really tell she is a mother now. She’s got that “I’m singing for a bigger purpose” kind of tone in her voice, a.k.a.: My kid got to eat so buy my records. She was giving it up in her dress. I just didn’t remember that she and Dolly Parton had so much in common.

    Trey Songz sang his single “Can’t Be Friends,” and I was a little underwhelmed. You know how you just want someone to just sing the song without all the theatrics. He was giving more Mufasa from Lion King then he was just giving us Trey, but to each is own. All in all it was a good show.

    What did you think of the show? Leave your comments.


    Sha Hayes is a comedian and freelance writer who currently resides in New York.




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