Watch the ‘Jumping the Broom’ trailer

    Laz Alonzo and Paula Patton star in Jumping the Broom. Watch the trailer.


    Paula Patton and Laz Alonzo star in Jumping the Broom, a film about a couple preparing to marry and combine their two very different families.

    The all-star cast includes Academy Award nominee Angela Bassett, Mike Epps, Loretta Devine, Romeo Miller, Pooch Hall, Tasha Smith and Megan Goode.

    Surprisingly, it’s not a Tyler Perry movie. The film comes from Tracey E. Edmonds and T.D. Jakes.

    Some moviegoers complained when Black movies like Deliver Us From Eva, The Brothers and Two Can Play That Game seemed to get stuck in a romantic comedy rut; however, this film isn’t just about love. It highlights class divisions within the Black community.

    “In this situation, we have an upper-echelon family from D.C., who has the house out in the vineyard and comes from money. That’s Paula’s family. My family is the blue-collar family from Brooklyn. And although we’re Black folks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have the same experiences and speak the same language,” Laz told Sister 2 Sister (in the March 2011 issue).

    The film hits theaters Mother’s Day 2011, but get a peek below and read more on Laz in the March 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    -Tracy L. Scott




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