Rihanna sticks to her story

    Rihanna is sticking to her story that bronchitis is what caused her to cancel a performance for Donald Trump.

    “She feels terribly she couldn’t attend,” Rihanna’s rep told “Access Hollywood.” “Her doctor advised her not to get on a plane as she would risk losing her voice and damaging her vocal cords.”

    Rihanna, who is now defending her absence, told Donald that she was unable to perform in Florida due to illness, but when she showed up to sing at another event less than 24 hours later, he figured she’d been less than honest about why she bailed on him.

    “I thought [Rihanna’s absence] was insulting to everyone,” Donald blasted, “…but for Rihanna to go to the All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect.”

    Both Donald and Rihanna have expressed gratitude to Jennifer Hudson, who filled in at the last minute and performed for Donald and his guests.

    “Nothing was missed. Jennifer’s a beautiful girl. She came on her day off even though she performs almost every night. She is an unbelievable talent, and her voice is better.”

    The gig reportedly paid $500,000.


    -Tracy L. Scott



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