Sha Hayes: Who let Weezy get jacked?

    According to reports, a man named Marcus Negrete allegedly broke onto the set of Lil Wayne’s video shoot last Friday and stole a laptop, a Louis Vuitton purse, a wallet and some NBA All-Star tickets.

    Police were able to locate the suspect because the laptop had a GPS tracker on it.

    Are you telling me that nobody’s got Weezy’s back? Someone needs to fire the security team on set.

    Lil Wayne should be concerned about the lack of security around him more than he should be about any property that he can have replaced in two seconds.

    The alleged thief reportedly said he didn’t want the stuff; he just wanted to take it so he could return it back to Lil Wayne in person. He must have wanted to ask Lil Wayne about that special syrup he’s been known to use. This dude must be on something.

    Maybe it was all a joke. Maybe Ashton Kutcher is coming out with a new season of “Punk’d.” I’ve heard of crazy things fans have done to get close to celebrities, but jail time really isn’t a good way to meet anyone. Well, unless you are into jailhouse loving.


    – Sha Hayes



    Sha Hayes is a comedian and freelance writer who currently resides in New York.






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