Lil Kim releases mini-doc

    Lil Kim has fired off the latest cinematic salvo in her beef against Nicki Minaj.

    If the video for “Black Friday” didn’t get the point across, Kim has released a short documentary titled Carbon Copy, detailing the ways she feels Nicki has jacked her swag.

    The Queen B uses audio clips from her and Nicki to make her case, and she tries to offer up an explanation of how their whole beef even started and why it’s still going. Kim also compares pictures of her with shots of Nicki in an attempt to show how the younger has copied her look.

    However, Carbon Copy starts with Kim doing an interview about how Nicki has failed to pay homage to the female rappers that came before her.

    “Tell me what you think about this,” Kim tweeted earlier this week with a link to the 14-minute YouTube video, which we’ve posted below.





    – Sonya Eskridge




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